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Materials - Tray Signs.

A tray sign is constructed from aluminium composite sheets.

They create signs with returned edges, made and gives your sign a 3D edge as appose to flat sign or a frame.

They also have the fixing through the top and bottom return so there are no fixings through the front face of the sign. This gives a clean and clear look to the sign.

At Pennine Signs we offer tray signs that can be a small one off trays or much larger trays that can be made to interlock and create much larger tray signs.
We offer our trays in a range of colours, various shapes and sizes.

If required we can also offer shapes and letters cut out of the trays signs so they can be illuminated from the back.

Need a little more information give our one of our team a call and we will be happy to help explain any questions you may have.

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