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Value Banners.

Need a PVC banner for a birthday surprise, wedding anniversary or event or advertising use?

At Pennine Signs we offer two qualities of Banner. There is no difference between how we print the banner or the quality of the finish.

All our banners are produced at no less than 600dpi on our HP environmentally sound Latex print.

What we do offer is a 450gsm PVC banner material for cost effective promotions. Our value banner has anti rip weaving to it so is actually stronger than many so called 500gsm banners you may see advertised elsewhere.

Unlike many internet sellers our value banners are not printed on 350gsm or 300gsm weight material that is claimed to be 450 or 500 as at Pennine Signs we produced what we say and know that even our value banners are a quality product.

So if you need an affordable banner option then give us a call today.