Design - Green Printing

Pennine Signs believes that when you want it quickly we need to deliver it quickly.

In fact we believe the impossible is often the untried.

That's why at Pennine Signs we use one of the most environmentally friendly outdoor printing technologies on the market.

At Pennine Signs we print using HP latex printers and Latex inks.

The benefit of the latex printing is significant. Latex prints contain no hazardous air pollutants, solvents helping to create a more environmentally friendly working environment.

HP Latex Inks are water-based so there is also the advantage that the prints require no curing or off-gassing times which is great for short deadlines !

Graphics printed with solvent-based inks require a period of 24 – 48 hours for the fumes to dissipate, only after which can they be finished, mounted or applied..

This delay is eliminated at Pennine Signs by using our environmentally sound latex printer. All HP Latex inks are fully durable outside as the water in the ink only acts as the carrier for the latex pigment.

The first stage of the printers magic is to evaporate this water off before a second stage dryer and heater cures the latex pigment left behind to create a completely environmentally sound and durable outdoor ready print.

Soon as our prints leaves our printers they are ready to laminate, fit, or apply. So if you need environmentally sound prints and prints quickly pick up the phone we can help.