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External Signage

Blazing Saddles.

This shop facia sign was designed to be easy to move with an expansion & new shop planned.

We covered the old facia with black Vinyl to give it a fresher look at a low cost as this current unit is rented & the owner wanted to invest the money into the main section of the sign.

The main section of the sign is a CNC cut outline of the company logo. The graphics were then digitally printed & mounted to this large raised flame giving the store a full colour logo exactly like its online brand.

Now to make the sign standout even more we fitted the Blazing Saddles lettering as a CNC cut letters to the already raised off flame on studs.

To finish off the sign it was then sign written with night reflective vinyl as being by the road side the customer wanted it to illuminate by reflecting passing vehicles headlights.

A shop facia sign designed to stand out from the crowd.

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