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External Signage

This physiotherapy shop front was a little more difficult than most. The landlord wanted the original shop facia leaving in place however our customer needed something completely different.

The solution to the problem we came up with was simple. We made the new shop front full encase the original sign and left it full intact under the old. This has allowed our customer to have the large new interlocking sign while the landlord did not have to have the face of his building altered permanently.

The sign and the window frames were all matched in the same blue to give the whole front of the shop more presence in a on a very busy roadside position.

The sign is illuminated using a simple white pencil light to the top.

As most people forget to switch on the lights for their sign we suggested and fitted a timer so the owner and his staff never need to worry about it coming on or off it is all automated and easy to change by them when they need.

Have a difficult shop front you need to sign up? Looking for a solution? Give us a call e are always happy to help.

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